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Bump up your appointment

Waitlist web application that allows users to book last-minute appointments

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How it started
24-Hour Collaborative Hackathon

Google presented their problem to us and their goal was to increase accessibility to their current services.


In Google's project brief, they highlighted accessibility as an important feature to have in their digital solution. They wanted to know how might we create meaningful solutions to improve communities access to health care services.

Project Type: Academic

My Role: UX Designer 

Duration: 24 hours

Tools Used: Figma

Our team consisted of:

2 Data Scientists

Group 6.png

4 UX Designers

Group 4.png

2 Web Developers

Group 5.png

1 Digital Marketer

Our team also had a Project Manager who was our Teacher Assistant. Their role was to provide check-ins and to make sure our digital solution was feasible working within our constraints.

The Numbers

Google presented us datasets to work with. The data scientists were able to grab insights from their numbers.


What they found in their results was that 30 % of people who booked appointments do not show up, this leaves empty spots available for people to book. The days that most people who did not show up to their appointments fell on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Our Design Process
Calendar integration

We wanted to integrate our digital product into Google Drive so that our users are able to easily access it through their Gmail account. We took inspiration looking at Google Calendar on how to set up the waitlist interface. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 10.59.32
The Brand
Bump up your Appointment!

Our idea was that once a spot becomes available, the requested appointment will be bumped up. As a team we thought of Google Bump, and our digital marketer came up with the caption "Bump up your health". Below is our brainstorm of our logo. 

Google Bump logo.png

Our chosen logo: 

Google bump final logo.png
Our Final Design

In the prototype walkthrough below, it shows how a user puts themselves on the waitlist and they want to be notified. Once an appointment becomes available, the user would confirm the time and be added to her Google Calendar.

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