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Screen Studio

Screen recording software that helps with all business needs, designed for macOS

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Screen Studio is a start-up company that launched in October 2022 and quickly gained popularity on Twitter, reaching the top spot on Product Hunt. The software, designed for macOS, enables quick and easy screen recording without the need for advanced editing skills.

My Role

  • UX Researcher 

  • Content Marketing

The Process

Our team focused on the “Discovery” and “Define” phases while the client had their team for the following phases. These are the areas that the client needed help on. 

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Understanding the Problem

The project aimed to gather insights from subscribers and non-subscribers to evaluate the client's product performance. The goal was to understand what aspects subscribers and non-subscribers enjoy, identify any difficulties they may encounter, and discover their pain points when using the software.

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Goals for this project:
  • Gather insights to how the product is performing with subscribers and non subscribers 

  • Gain insights on potential methods to maintain and recruit users through content marketing.

  •  The "best way" to connect with potential subscribers.

Gathering Insights

Client had a list of participants that we sent emails to consent for usability testing. This consisted of current subscribers and potential subscribers who were following Screen Studio on Twitter.


To gain understanding of who users were we conducted surveys to gather as much data as we could.


Some questions that were asked

  • How did you hear about Screen Studio?

  • What are you currently using as a screen recording tool?

  • What are you currently paying for the tool/product?


The insights helped us gain a better understanding of the users and potential users. Next steps was to conduct usability testing to understand users motivations, behaviours and how they interact with the tool.

Usability Testing

The testing script was used to help make improvements, it's an important part of the process of making better designs, and to hear what users or potential users are enjoying, understanding their pain points, behaviours and goals. I worked with a two team members to implement a usability testing script.

Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 4.21.14 PM.png


The recorded sessions were completed and the next steps were to conduct data analysis. The team took part in “tagging” themes using the tool Dovetail. 

Most enjoyed the software for its clean design, simple to use recording tool and thought the landing page was informative. 

Key insights we found:

Exporting was too slow

Wished for selfie camera function 

 Would like to see dashboard when opening software

Content Marketing Research

Simultaneously I was involved in researching the best ways for content marketing on the surface level.

Key findings from competitor analysis and usability testing:

  • All users from usability testing said they found the product through Twitter


  • Encourage subscribers to share videos they have recorded to increase engagement

  • Create short educational videos on how to create beautifully designed screen recordings

Next Steps

We presented our key findings to the client. The client took in feedback and considered changes we suggested.

Screen Studio has released new features to their software including:

  • Selfie camera support

  • Voice over support 

  • System audio recording 

Learning Outcomes

Collaborating with an international team

Being the only designer from Canada, I was fortunate to collaborate with such a diverse and driven group from the United States and Europe. Time management and communication were key aspects in ensuring the tasks were completed efficiently.

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Interactive workshop to get to know each other 

Embrace chaos and trust the process!

In the beginning we did not have clear roles and clear timelines. Our mentor designated a project manager for each phase of the design process. This helped streamline the project and helped us communicate better with the client on our updates. 

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